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2016 "Bainbridge in Bloom"  Featured Garden



A few years ago, we came upon a client on a mission. Having tended the garden at his home regularly with his late wife, he wanted to revitalize the area. Enlisting our services, we provided everything we could using our expertise in landscape design. The hardscape and layout of the space were mostly in place, aside from a small rock wall and pathway. This left our primary task of cleaning up the space and bringing in new plant life to spruce up the garden. 

We loved working on this project. Working hand-in-hand with our client, we got to help make his vision come to life. When we went out shopping for the plants for his property, he would come along to assure that his vision and ours were on the same page. Working with this client was a dream scenario, with the end goal of just making it as lush and beautiful as possible. 

When it was all said and done, the garden was featured in the 2016 "Bainbridge in Bloom" garden tour, which brings hundreds of visitors from around the United States each year. With the tour ceasing operation in 2018, we are honored to have been a part of it during its 30 year run as the premier garden tour in the Northwest.

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