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Dian Aversano started Island Details over 20 years ago with minimal tools, an old Mazda minivan, an employee workforce of her son Andy and his high school football teammates, and a home base at the Eagle Nest Apartments. Going through difficult divorce proceedings while still raising the youngest of her kids, Dian was looking for ways to keep food on the table. Noticing that the Arco station off High School Road (now Jake's Pickup) had a desperate need for proper landscaping and having experience in commercial real estate, Dian walked in and inquired about what the station was doing to take care of the landscape. That day, an agreement was reached and Island Details was born. Starting off, she spent three hours a day working on their property, using an unmatched attention to detail to ensure it looked perfect. This work happened in one of the most frequently trafficked areas on the island, and the result of this in combination with some fruitful marketing endeavors helped Island Details become the hottest name in landscape maintenance & construction on Bainbridge Island.  



A lot has changed in the last 20 years. After outgrowing the apartment complex as a home base, Dian bought the Phelps Rd property in 2004, and that has been the home base for the business ever since. Soon after it became evident that high school football players had other time commitments, Dian started hiring on full-time, professional employees. Some of those employees that came on board at the start are still with Island Details today. Office space was added to the property, the fleet of vehicles expanded, and a full gamut of different tools were acquired as Island Details grew rapidly.

But some things never change. Attention to detail, passion for transforming landscapes, and a desire to bring happiness to the client through outstanding landscaping work is still at the core of what Island Details does. The business started as a family, with Dian and her son Andy working side by side. Even though Andy has moved on to other ventures, not much has changed. Island Details still feels like family, with employees who show each other and the clients the utmost respect while enjoying themselves each and every day.

"This company isn't about making a bunch of money. It's about happy customers, creating beauty in the world, and taking care of our employees." - Dian Aversano

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