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Holiday Lighting

Putting up and taking down your own holiday lights can be a pain. Early to mid December can be one of the coldest periods of the year, making it unpleasant and unsafe being outside on a ladder hanging up lights by yourself. It is also an extremely time-intensive process, sometimes taking whole days or weekends which could be better spent with your friends and family. 

For our holiday lighting service, our teams hang everything from lights to garlands to wreaths wherever you would like. They truly do amazing work, and your breathtaking light display will be the talk of the evening at your next holiday party. 

Uplighting & Pathway Lighting

Outdoor lighting can play a crucial role in the functionality of your landscape. In order to be able to enjoy your outdoor space during all times of day and night, pathway lighting is critical for safety and convenience. 

It can be frustrating when you work hard all day then come home to enjoy your landscape only to have it be pitch-black outside. To solve this problem, we install up-lighting for trees and other features around your landscape. 

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