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Edible Gardens

We love working with edible gardens. It gives us a chance to help customers go farm-to-table with produce from their own backyard. We have been involved in the creation of many edible gardens, helping build the enclosures, create pathways through the area, and build and fill the planters.

We also help with the maintenance of the beds, especially during the start of the winter season. We can come put your beds to rest for the winter by pulling weeds, removing plants that have completed their life cycle, turning the soil, adding in amendments like manure, compost, or bone meal, and covering planters with sheeting to keep the water out and the heat in. 

Interested in adding a garden to your landscape? Or tired of being solely responsible for all the work on yours? Use the contact us link below to discuss your options with us. We can't wait to hear from you!

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