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Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn program begins in March and extends through November, with a break during the winter months while the grass is dormant.


Our team will treat your turf with top-notch nutrients, minerals and weed abatement applications to:

  • Thicken and green the lawn

  • Deter moss and weed growth

  • Fortify root development

  • Eliminate pests (including moles!)

  • Enhance the soil quality


March – April: We will treat your lawn with soil sweeteners, nutrients, and specialized treatments to enrich the lawn's overall quality and strength. Weed abatement is applied to deter moss and weed growth. Pest abatement eliminates insects and also deters mole activity, as their food source is surely eliminated. 

May – July: Your lawn will receive growth enriching nutrients and fertilizers—for a lush green lawn all summer. Weed and pest abatement are closely monitored, and treatments are applied to enrich the quality of the soil .

September – November: We apply specialized nutrients and fertilizers to fortify root development and prepare the turf for the winter months ahead.

* Dethatching, aeration, and over-seeding are included at an additional cost, if deemed necessary for the lawn’s success.

To inquire further about the Lawn Program and receive estimates please use the contact us link below.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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