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What is blooming right now?

Plums, Cherries, primroses and daffodils, are starting bloom and it is a breath of fresh air after a dark, dismal and barren winter. If you are reading this right now congratulations, you have survived! One of our customer's recently asked us, what is the tree that has the pink blossoms on it? He was surprised to hear it was probably an ornamental (fruitless) plum tree or a flowering ornamental crab apple tree. Many people see white and pink trees blooming everywhere right now and curious to know what they are. The white blossoms that look like popcorn, are most likely native cherry trees and as we mentioned the pink blossoms are either ornamental plum trees or flowering ornamental crab apple trees. Daffodils are most recognizable with their yellow flower that literally springs rightly our of the ground as if to say hello. Primroses are splashing their color brightly amidst all the brown. A small promise and taste of what is to come. Take a drive and keep a keen eye out for these gorgeous signs of Spring and let us know if you would like to have any of these lovely reminders that life is out there in your garden.

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