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April Showers...

You know the saying just as well as we do... April showers bring May flowers ...and boy, have we seen some showers lately... but not for long!

Spring is in the air, and (believe it or not)... Summer is right around the corner. Despite an exceptionally rainy season so far, May is just one week away! Which means Summer is only...

8 weeks away... not that we're counting! ;)

As warmer weather approaches, our clients are eager and ready to begin their Spring planting-- and we are too!

Another saying we Washingtonians are fond of is, "Wherever you go, bring your own sunshine."

The bright colors and sweet fragrance of new spring plantings bring a breath of fresh air and sunshine into the landscape of our community -- Let us help you bring a little sunshine to your yard this Spring!

This season, we are preparing personalized plant orders for our clients and ordering our plants primarily through Monrovia.

Check out their Website for ideas & inspiration--

Give us a call here at the office (206-855-8047) to confirm plant availability and to schedule a design de-briefing with the lovely Dian!

All the Best!


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